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"Massage has its greatest effect over time, most doctors and therapists say the more often you get a massage, the better you feel"
- New York Times

John Barnes' Myofascial Release Approach: By treating the whole body, Myofascial Release relieves fascial restrictions, promotes healing, decreases pain, and improves posture. It also increases mobility, flexibility, and mind/body awareness. Read more 60 min. $65, 90 min. $85

Deep Tissue/Neuromuscular Therapy: Relieves chronic pain by applying neuromuscular and trigger point releases. 60 min. $65, 90 min. $85

Swedish/Relaxation: Various techniques that calm the mind and body while rejuvenating the spirit. 60 min. $60, 90 min. $80

Integrative Therapeutic Massage: Combines all of the above techniques as needed to create optimum results. 60 min. $65, 90 min. $85

Hot Stone: Warm lava rocks, soothing oils, and Swedish techniques—aah! The warm stones soothe muscles and enhance relaxation. 60 min. $60, 90 min. $80

Sports: Deep tissue massage to re-energize or relieve aggravated areas. Great for men, athletes, or anyone with physical aggravation! 60 min. $65, 90 min. $85

Pregnancy: Designed to gently soothe and relax the unique muscle and joint concerns during pregnancy. 60 min. $65, 90 min. $85

Seated Chair: Acupressure points on upper body are massaged to relieve tension and provide energy. Ask us about corporate seated chair opportunities!

Prepaid Packages: Discounts are available on prepaid packages of 3, 5 or 7 sessions. Please inquire for details.